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       Mission Statement

The Paranormal Research Analysis Team (P.R.A.T.) will treat every client as family and will not be disrespectful to you, your home or business, or your family in any way. The members of the Paranormal Research Analysis Team understand the need for privacy regarding delicate matters. P.R.A.T. is dedicated to helping you and we understand your confusion and / or fear. We want the best for those we serve and will strive for nothing less than a positive experience. 

Director Rob Simonelli Jr. at the Paraunity Expo in Woodbridge N.J. on May 14, 2016

                     About Us

The Paranormal Research Analysis Team (P.R.A.T.) was formed in February of 2015. P.R.A.T.  is made up of dedicated and experienced investigators who are willing to help you or someone you know with paranormal situations that you may be experiencing. We operate in the area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. However, if available, we will travel outside of those areas. It should be noted that we never trespass to do an investigation. In fact, we have a form that our client signs stating the we have permission to be on the property (this is filled out for every investigation). Any evidence we obtain will be shared with you (the client) first. If you would like to have your evidence posted to this web page we will do so. Your information including address and name will be omitted for privacy reasons (unless otherwise stated). P.R.A.T. is non-profit, which means we do not charge our clients for the services we provide. We investigate both businesses and private homes as well. There is no investigation too small or too large.