Overview: During this investigation, we had two houses to investigate. The first was the main house, the second was a smaller house in the back known as the "feed house". As we began to set up our equipment (and during the breaking down), we heard unexplained foot steps throughout the main house along with random cold spots and interference with a flashlight. During the investigation we did not have any personal experiences other than the flashlight turning on and off (no evidence of this was captured). The YouTube video below has the EVP clips that we captured.

CASE # 15001
INVESTIGATED BY:   Rob, Erin, Todd, Eric, and Tim
LOCATION: Oakley Farm House, Freehold Twp. N.J.


CASE # 15002


LOCATION: Private Residence

Overview:  During this investigation we heard what sounded like an item in the home drop. We were not able to figure out what made the noise. Furthermore, we had no EVP or visual findings.