CASE # 16003
Rob, Erin, Todd, Ashley, And Eric
The Oakley Farm House, Freehold NJ

Overview: On June 26, 2016, the Paranormal Research Analysis Team re-investigated the Oakley Farm House. During our investigation we heard and observed nothing out of the ordinary. However, during our evidence review we heard an unexplainable sound and also heard a faint voice.


Overview:This investigation was brought to us by a client who needed his fire house investigated. Due to Homeland Security reasons we are not able to reveal the location or name of the fire house. We began our investigation in the meeting room (where most of the claims revolve around). We set up our Ovilus III device as well as our Mel-Meter and KII. the initial EMF sweep revealed that the EMF was no higher than 1.3MG (milligauss). We began our EVP session and simultaneously turned on the Ovilus III device. We received somewhat relevant responses during this time. One of our Investigators (Todd) heard shuffling behind him as though someone was walking. Lead Investigator (Rob) Kept seeing a black shadow moving from right to left along the back wall. There was no visual footage or audio captured from that evening.

CASE # 16001
Rob, Erin, Todd, and Eric
PrivateMunicipal location

Brownstone Bagel Company: 2015


Overview: On March 4, 2016, the Paranormal Research Analysis Team investigated the Brownstone Bagel Company store, located in South River New Jersey. The bagel store was formerly the Gordon House (Magnolia Hotel) and sits at the corner of Main Street and Reid Street. The owner of the store reported claims of items moving on their own, hearing foot steps / shuffling, and having the sense that someone was watching them. During our investigation, Todd did a baseline EMF reading of the shop. We then sat at a table and conducted an EVP session using our digital voice recorders, a MEL-Meter, and a KII. After receiving positive results, we added the Ovilus III and SB-7 Spirit Box to our session. See the video from our investigation below.

CASE # 16004
INVESTIGATED BY: Rob, Erin, Todd, Ashley
LOCATION: Private home in South Amboy, NJ

​Overview: On November 18, 2016, the Paranormal Research Analysis Team investigated an apartment at the request of the tenant. During the investigation, relevant responses were captured on the Ovilus device. No EVP evidence was captured that evening. Video review revealed an orb like anomaly.

Samuel Gordon's Magnolia Hotel:

May 25, 1892

Photo taken by: R. Van Dyke Reid

CASE # 16002
Rob, Erin, Todd, and Ashley
Brownstone Bagel Company, South River New Jersey