CASE # 17001
INVESTIGATED BY:  Rob, Erin, Todd and Ashley
LOCATION: Privately owned business

OVERVIEW: On January 16, 2017, the Paranormal Research Analysis Team was asked to investigate claims of a haunting  at a private business. The business owner asked that we not reveal the name or location of the business. The owner told us that they were experiencing unexplained noises and felt as though someone was there with them. Upon starting our investigation, we found the E.M.F. for the building to be relatively high. High E.M.F. for a prolonged periods of time can cause feelings of sickness, feelings of being watched, and paranoia. The business owner (who was present during our investigation) found this information to be relieving. We then attempted to investigate the second claim which was the unexplained noises. The business owner told us when it happens, "it sounds like someone  jumping". we attempted to recreate this sound with no luck. As we were preparing to leave, we all heard this loud banging. The business owner confirmed that was the noise. After further investigation, it was determined that the noise was due to water pipes between the walls. The owner was advised to call a plumber. A week later, Director Rob Simonelli called the business owner to followup. The owner stated that after our visit, they called a plumber and the plumber had to replace some piping. After the replacement there no longer was a banging noise. 

CASE # 17002
INVESTIGATED BY:  Rob, Erin, and Todd
LOCATION: Municipal E.M.S. Department

OVERVIEW: On October 31, 2017, the Paranormal Research Analysis Team was asked to investigate claims of a haunting  at a municipal Emergency Medical Services Department (location removed by request of the municipality). This location was investigated by Rob and Todd in 2011 and has had great audio evidence. During this investigation we found the natural E.M.F. to be low throughout the building. Upon play back of our digital voice recorder we heard a breathy voice which said "don't go in that room". This was around the time when Rob was asking questions, he stepped into an office.  The second piece of evidence was visual, Erin was asking a question had a shadow arm or hand move up then down. Just prior to this, Todd witnessed an unexplained light anomaly on the camera. After hearing the E.V.P., Rob decided to sit alone in the office to see what evidence he could gather. While sitting in the office, Rob felt as though someone were standing on his left side. Video evidence revealed an glowing orb travel slowly towards him (he even looked in that direction at that time). During Rob's E.V.P. session, he asked if the spirit remembered him and Todd (from when they investigated in the past). A response on the voice recorder was breathy but said "you helped me". This response was the last that we got while we investigated at this building.